Indirect-Control Kingdom Simulator with Collectible Cards

alpha gameplay


Lead the expedition

Venture forth into the Realms of Existence as the leader of the Expedition. Progress through several Chapters of the game story and unlock new difficulty levels, maps, monsters, buildings, and hero classes. Or play Custom Game and build your matches from scratch with any monsters and heroes you want.

Craft the deck

Use more than 250 unique Cards to add Buildings, Heroes, and Spells to your game. Check the Tier Deck to see monsters and other challenges you will face in the match, and add your own Cards to level the playing field.

Build & expand
your Kingdom

Build your kingdom with houses, shops, markets, guard towers, and guilds. Collect taxes and gather resources to grow your settlements, upgrade buildings, craft equipment for your heroes, and unlock new talents in the vast Talent Trees.

Recruit & Manage
your Heroes

Recruit fighters, hunters, mages, necromancers, and other heroes. Give them Quests to explore and protect your lands or hunt monsters. Use Loot Manager to equip each hero with the most fitting loot and supply them with consumable items such as potions and food.

Explore & Conquer
the Realms

Face more than 100 unique Monsters across multiple Realms. Explore the map, gather resources, destroy monster lairs, and lead your Expedition to victory.

The game's Rivalry system, inspired by Action RPGs like Diablo and Path of Exile, tracks your progress and spawns Rare, Epic, and Legendary monsters to counter your level of aggressive expansion and keep your gameplay fresh and challenging.

Prevail & Reap
the Rewards

Get more Cards for winning game matches and progress in the story. At the end of each Chapter, fight arduous Bosses who drop unique legendary weapons and armor. Equip your heroes with these legendaries to prevail in more grueling matches.


Revelation AI System

All units on the map - heroes, pioneers, monsters and animals - are controlled by the Revelation AI system. They are aware of their environment, have their own will, and act according to their Perks which represent their personality and behavior.

Quests & Parties

Instead of micro-managing every unit, form parties of heroes and send them on various Quests. Comose the parties properly, and your heroes will organically tank, support, and take on the DPS role.

RPG-like Progression & Loot

Your heroes are RPG characters inside of an RTS. They gain experience, level up, and collect loot. Unlock new talents and upgrades for your heroes and buildings in the vast Talent Trees. Use Loot Manager to distribute weapons, armor and consumables between heroes to maximize their combat prowess and survival chances.

Card Game on Top

Get Content Cards with resources, buildings, heroes, and monsters by winning game matches, and use them to customize your playing deck. Disenchant cards and craft card packs to build the best decks for each game match.

Massive & diverse game worlds

Battle more than 100 unique monster types across several Realms of Existence. Venture into deep forests of Barad Valon, tropical islands of Agnod Kalain, frozen wasteland of Spak Niord, scorching deserts of Dakka and more!



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